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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, 

Austin Fuda

who was born in Washington

 on February 21, 1995

and passed away on November 07, 2008

 at the age of 13.

We will remember him forever.

A tragic accident took the life of our beloved Austin and his cousin Hunter age two on Friday November 7, 2008.

Austin was a wonderful son, brother, grandson, uncle, cousin, friend  to   all the lives he touched. 

The Lord, blessed Austin with a special loving of nature, the outdoors and all things which abound in it.

 Humor was a gift he shared with all those around him, and he brought many smiles and laughter to the lives of all who knew him.

We loved him then, we love him now, and will again in Heaven.

Tributes and Condolences
I love you   / Rose Curtis (Auntie)
Austin you are still missed my dear nephew. I love you
Still miss you   / Tyler Fuda (Brother)
Sometimes I think about you. When I do, I don't always cry anymore. I don't dread the past anymore. Because I know you're right there with me. I feel your soul, I feel love. Indescribable feelings. I miss you Austin everyday, with each of those days ...  Continue >>
I Miss you and would love to meet your family   / SaraRuth Luttrell (A Good Friend )
I only knew Austin for a few short weeks but it belt like a life time, and wish they would do more to help save other lives. What happened to Austin and the baby, was an accident but needs justuce for safty for others in the remberance of them both. ...  Continue >>
I LOVE YOU   / Loni (Sister)
I feel so guilty. I want you back. That morning I had so much fun with you Austin. No one can make me laugh like you. You are such a great person. So loving, so sweet. I wish I could find the words to tell you how I feel. I regret not spending m...  Continue >>
Thinking about the young who have passed   / Sybil Mendoza Krause (none)
I remember when reading about the accident that took your son. Even though I don't know you or the boys, I felt an ache in my heart. Every now and then I check the website to see if they found him yet. I too lost my son in a car accident in Auburn, u...  Continue >>
The broken chain  / Keleighn Fuda (mom)    Read >>
Austins plaque  / Keleighn Fuda (mommy)    Read >>
A poem  / Maria Siverly     Read >>
our angel  / Amber Kennedy (aunt)    Read >>
To All Austins Friends  / Jim Fuda (Daddy)    Read >>
I miss you more then you'll ever know..  / Kylie Degrate (Friend)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Casey Mundell (brother)    Read >>
missing you  / Keleighn Fuda (mom)    Read >>
A Little Bear  / Sue (In Our Hearts Forever )    Read >>
To my bestfriend  / Rosie Dove (Best friend )    Read >>
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His legacy




In addition to Austin's love of animals, he truly loved sports.

He joined the 2007 Northwest Middle School foot ball team

as right nose guard.

Tyler, Austin's big brother said he had great potential

and would have been a great asset to the team.


Public condolences  
Date added: 11/13/2008

Public condolences as found in papers and on internet:

I heard the story of the car being raised on the Carlson/Schram show today. It's heartbreaking. To now to have to search for Austin down river is so sad and yet I'm sure his parents want closure too. My heart goes out to all families involved. It's amazing how, in a heartbeat, so many peoples’ lives were irreversibly changed.
Oh how absolutely terrible!! :( My heart goes out to the parents of the both kids, may your little guys rest in peace. And to the family of Austin... I am SO sorry he was not recovered with the car! I know the rescue folks will do their best to get your son back as quickly as they can. No matter what you believe, I'm sure they are both in a better place and I hope you can gain some closure soon

It sure is a tragic loss for the familes involved I sure hope they can find Austin soon so the family can have some closure.
This is sad for every one family, friends and even people who didn't know the boys is morning the loss of them.
May God be with them all

This story just makes me feel ill. How tragic. I hope they find Austin so he can be properly laid to rest.

I can't begin to imagine the pain the families of ALL these children are feeling. I know it has to be indescribable. The thought of little Hunter strapped in that car-seat not knowing to unhook himself as the water is rising makes me sick inside. I pray they are able to find Austin so his family can put him to rest and have some closure. My thoughts and prayers will be with them that God help them find a way to get through this most tragic time.

Call me an eternal optimist, but I guess there is a part of me that is hoping that because he wasn't in the car,he got out and is now just disoriented and doesn't know where he is. The whole situation makes me just sick. How awful for the young driver. I hope she gets the counseling she will need to come to terms with this tragedy

My thoughts and prayers exactly. How absolutely terrible for the friends, family and community. I am glad the rescue workers were kept safe today and able to do their jobs. My heart is just breaking for the 16-year-old driver, the children, the parents, everyone… God bless you all

As the mother of a near two year old, this absolutely breaks my heart. I cannot even imagine the grief the family is facing. I sincerely hope the teen driving and the family get the help they will need to deal with this tragedy. I am also hoping for the quick recovery of Austin.
Condolences to friends and family for your loss

God bless these families and those kids if only she could have saved them if only:(

This story just brings tears so quickly. All those losses, all those broken hearted people. I too wish for quick closure and pray that maybe Austin is somewhere safe, although these families will be grieving for a long time. My thoughts will continue to be with all of them.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and Hunter and Austin. Having a sister who was tragically taken from us a year ago in a boating accident in Maine I know what the wait is like, it is the most painful thing you can experience. The young lady that was involved I pray for her as well, this is going to take probably a lifetime to recover from. Austin, you are a hero. Just thinking of what you were going through and trying to help. God Bless you both. With thoughts and Prayers


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